Ladle Spoon Olive Wood 100% Natural Hand Made

Ladle Spoon Olive Wood 100% Natural Hand Made

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Ladle Spoon Olive Wood 100% Natural Hand Made WEIGHT .5 lbs DIMENSIONS 12 x 4 x 3.5 in
Multipurpose olive wood spoons stir and mix sauces, stews, soups and gravy.
All of our utensils are safe for use on nonstick surfaces, glass and porcelain.
The pattern wood grain gives each dish a unique, original look and makes a great addition to any dinner table.
100% handmade with 100% Tunisian olive wood. Made in Canada. Province Of Alberta, City Calgary.
I import Olive Wood branches from Tunisia to Canada, for the enjoyment of My customers.

Each handcrafted olive wood piece possesses unique characteristics, color and style. I have a wide range of olive wood products that is ever-growing to keep up with client's demands.
Each olive wood products is hand crafted and perfected by Me and my Family who transforms a rough tree outline into a finished masterpiece. Once olive wood is sanded and polished, the finished item is coated with olive oil and honeybees wax to give it a natural shine and ensure longevity.

Please keep in mind that all wood pieces, although closely same in color, differ from one another. This is one of a kind item, impossible to reproduce exactly as it is.

I look forward to building your order, if you have any questions or inquires shoot me a message and ill help ya out.

We respect olive trees
Here at OliveWood Glory we have great love and respect for the olive wood. We ensure that no young trees are cut for production, but only those deemed unproductive are chosen for our work. Branch strength, size and color are key factors that determine which trees undergo the transformation process.