About Us

Olivewood Glory is a family owned business. We began our company recently after realizing a void in the marketplace for quality wood kitchenware.
We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of olivewood at a very competitive price and guarantee customer satisfaction. We gauge olivewood quality in terms of product strength and character.
100% handmade with Mediterranean olivewood. Made in Calgary, Alberta Canada.
We make a wide range of olivewood products including, olivewood tableware, utensils, dishes, dinnerware, mortar & pestles and more!
We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell and only use natural products to ensure a natural shine and longevity of the olive wood. Olivewood is non-porous and will not absorb stains, odors, or bacteria. It is the perfect kitchen product.

We respect olive trees
Here at OliveWood Glory, we have great love and respect for the olive wood. We ensure that no young trees are cut for production, but only those deemed unproductive are chosen for our work. Branch strength, size, and color are key factors that determine which trees undergo the transformation process.